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Banc54 is the world’s top binary options trading platform. They are an award-winning World Finance 100 company and are huge in Hong Kong, and are now expanding in the UK too.

What is binary option trading?

You are basically trading on the direction of an asset. So you simply decide whether the value of any asset (like oil, gold, a currency pair, Apple etc) will go up or down. And if you get it right, you win the trade and win some money.


Why should I start?

This is an amazing way to top up your income. It’s easy to learn, you just trade online whenever it suits you, and you can see profits immediately. When you open an account with $5,000 or over, you’ll be assigned to one the senior brokers at Banc54. I’m working with Eric Martin and he has access to the trading room, where there is a wealth of information to get your trades.

100% Bonus money

When you sign up here with $5,000 or more, ask to trade with Eric Martin and claim your 100% bonus. So you’ll immediately have double the amount of money to trade with and can start growing your account big.

You can open accounts from $500 and they will provide educational tools and a demo to help you. But to be honest I don’t really recommend this if you are new to binary options because how would you always know what to trade? I wouldn’t have made so much money without a personal broker and expert analysts helping me win. The private trading room you will get access to is incredible.



We would like to train you to trade like a professional. Intrigued how and why? Let us explain.

Step 1. We want the chance to show you free of charge how we work. We will do a sample training session with you and show you how we trade. There are no fees, subscriptions or contracts. You are free to stop at any time. All we ask is that you are prepared to fund your account with £5000 $ or €, whichever you prefer. It is in your private account,that you can withdraw at any time with no penalties. Only you have access to this.

Step 2. We will give you access to our password protected trading room.

Step 3. On signing up for a free account through me I will arrange a practice account with $50,000. You will be able to test run the award winning trading platform, with no risk of a single penny of your own money.

Step 4. You will use this account with your Senior broker who will teach you how we trade Binary Options professionally and very profitably. You will learn to understand we are making the trades etc. The best time to enter and exit the trades, money management. You need to fully understand why we are doing this.
I have made upto £15,000 in a single trading day with the broker I am going to place you with. Snapshot of some of these trades below.

Step 5. Once you are confident you understand everything you can then use your REAL account to make some real profits. You are the one that decides this.

Listen, I Personally know the CEO of this company and and his top Senior Broker. They have agreed to work very closely with my clients I introduce.

They are willing to give you an introductory training session free of charge and no obligation. It gives them a chance to find out what your expectations are, what they can do for you and exactly how they work.

There are times of the trading week where there is lots in our favour to pick winning trades and this is what you learn trading with us.


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100% Bonus on joining when you sign up here!

This company will match what you put into your account and help you grow your funds. Email me and I will arrange the Head Broker I personally use to contact you, and get you doing the same trades as I am.

Do you want to make extra monthly income?

Complimentry signals sent daily for those with $5000 plus accounts, come and join our trading group.

Receive signals on oil, gold, currencies, indices and major stocks with a huge advantage on the market. Your winning signals are directly from world renowned analysts with an average accurate ratio of 75%!

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn


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