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My name is Adrian Buttress. I’m from Nottingham, England, where I run and manage my own business.

So here’s the story of how I started trading Binary Options Trading …

January 2012, I got an email from an internet marketer, promising a new way of making cash from the financial markets. You know the sort. I gave it a go, deposited $500 into my account and followed the guidelines. I wiped out my account within 2 days.

The next part is where it really all began. One of the brokers at Banc54 called me and introduced himself. He had noticed I was a new account holder, and wanted to help. He wondered how I could consistently pick losing trades! I find that easy unfortunately. He also commented on my money management and highlighted that account wipe out was inevitable the way I was trading.

He asked if I would like to mirror the trades of professional brokers who have the back up of a highly qualified team of analysts. This made sense to me. I deposited $5,000 into my account and starting working with him. I followed the money management techniques, and learnt which trades to enter.

Within a couple of weeks my account was growing. This strategy was working. I have since increased my fund with more introduced capital on top of the money I am making with my trades, and as you will see from the results page from my trading, my account has grown beyond belief. I am now a VIP member and have my next 6 months targets in place which I will publish on this site each month, good or bad.

I have met with the CEO Joe Reina in person, the Head Broker Eric Martin, who has since been promoted. I have grown an excellent friendship with Joe and Eric and has been a pleasure meeting the people at the top.

It is for this reason this website was born, so that I can introduce likeminded people to a genuine company that has a system of doing business, aimed at people like you and I. Binary options trading is incredibly exciting and the rewards can be phenomenal. Of course there are risks, but they are managed risks.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with Banc54 and about binary options in general. And be sure to come back regularly to check out my trading results and story updates.

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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn